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Late registration for examinations Registering for exams partnervermittlung hannover umgebung the registration period has ended is generally excluded.

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You will have to pay a fee of currently EUR 10 per exam. Please fill it in and submit it to the Express Service in L1,1.

Jura an der Universität Mannheim: Examination Information

A fee of currently EUR 10 is due for late registration. The circumstances justifying your de-registration must exist on the very day of the exam. If you have effectively de-registered from an exam, you will be deemed not to have taken it and you will not lose an attempt.

If you have not effectively de-registered from an exam e.

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To de-register due to illness, you need to submit the respective form to Student Services. If you do not take part in an exam that you have committed to by registering for it, this will be considered a de-registration.

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If this is not the case, your attempt will be counted even, if you have only taken one of the three exams and have presented a medical certificate for the other two, for example. You will then have one more attempt left at taking all three bundled exams in the next semester. Re-sitting examinations For exams with mandatory registration, the following applies: If you failed an exam or were not able to take an exam due to illness medical certificate examination dates uni mannheim will have to take the exam on the next possible examination date mandatory registration through Student Services.

The mandatory registration will be renewed until the exam was either passed or failed with no option to re-sit.

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For exams with self-registration, the following applies: If the next possible examination date is in the same semester, you are automatically registered for the re-sit examination mandatory registration.

This is the case for exams taken in the elective modules in Business Administration.

If the next possible examination date is in the following semester, you must self-register for the exam. How often can I retake an exam? This can be found in the examination regulations.

Here you can find an overview of all important regulations regarding your exams

Each of the seminars consists of a lecture for all students and a practical session in small groups this is where the exam takes place. Student Services will register you for the respective examination mandatory registration.

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Risse examination dates uni mannheim. They will provide you with an overview of the topics that will be covered in the small groups. You are required to attend the corresponding introductory lecture before you are admitted to join the respective small group in the practical session. There, you can also find the lecture dates and the registration periods. The examination dates uni mannheim period is usually kicked off during the semester break shortly before the new semester begins.

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An e-mail will be sent to the university e-mail address of all students that have been registered for the examination in the respective semester via the mandatory registration process informing them of the start of the registration period. Only a certain number of participants can register for each practical session.

Further advisory services:

As soon as the limit of participants is reached for one of the sessions, registration for the respective slot will be disabled. The small group sessions are only open to students in their third or fourth semester. Students who examination dates uni mannheim not in their third or fourth semester examination dates uni mannheim not register for these sessions; their registration would be deleted anyway. Until then, however, they would block free seminar spaces.

Examination Information

Students in an advanced subject-specific semester, who are yet to complete the respective course, should also attend the corresponding lecture. If you have any other general questions, please also send them to these e-mail addresses only. Please note that in case you need to be informed about possible changes or other details regarding the small group sessions, you will be contacted via your university e-mail address.

The slot has been set to an earlier start time for organizational reasons.

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