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Wittenberg in the spotlight: Luther rules, years after Reformation The Guardian 31 October years ago today, Martin Luther is said to have nailed his 95 Theses to the door of All Saints' Church in Wittenberg, thus beginning the confrontation with Rome that would become the Reformation, giving us Henry VIII's divorces and European bloodshed, the Protestant work ethic and dour-faced rigour, and freedom, precious freedom from Catholic guilt.

On this anniversary, Guardian Cities sent me to Wittenberg - once an important centre of European learning and electing capital of the Holy Roman Empire, now a picturesque tourist town buzzfeed quiz single or taken a side-line in chemicals - as part of their "Spotlight" series.

Read the results of my investigations here. Brexit: The Disaster Movie IPS Journal 11 September I didn't choose it, but in many ways, it's an apt date to publish a slightly tongue-in-cheek but nonetheless concerned look at what a worst-case-scenario Brexit could look like. Even if things go relatively well, I think there's a high chance that 30th March will lead to so many changes that it will acquire a sobriquet in the style of "" - "", perhaps? I hope I'm wrong on all counts.

On every last one. Im dieswöchigen Falter zu lesen: Mein Leitkommentar zum Ausgang der Wahl im Vereinigten Königreich, das nun politisch zunehmend einem aus Ozeanien und Nordkorea zusammengebasteltes Wunderland gleicht.

The buzzfeed quiz single or taken goes something like this: May was avowedly in favour of hard Brexit and because she lost, the British electorate has rejected a hard Brexit. Update: This article also appeared on the LSE Political Science blog and led to some interesting and enlightening below-the-line exchanges. From day one, writing for The Telegraph buzzfeed quiz single or taken both an honour and an ordeal.

On the one hand, the paper has a proud history and has broken important stories: when I started writing for it, it was two years in from the MPs' expense scandals. It was an honour to be a very small part of it. Increasingly, however, the ordeal came from the people who make the paper itself. Looking back, Oborne buzzfeed quiz single or taken would have been a good moment to call it quits.

- Посмотрите уран. Его сверхкритическую массу.

Watch him talk to Owen Jones and you'll see what I mean. Once again, I missed it, telling myself that, with the negligible amount of now wholly unpolitical writing I stood to do for the paper, there was no reason to overreact; and perhaps things would change - i. This is not an insult to everyone else working on or for The Telegraph. For me, though, the decision is final. I will be leaving the links to my past work for The Buzzfeed quiz single or taken online on this website.

As explained above, there was a time when I enjoyed writing for the paper and produced, I like to think, quality work for it.

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It would be Orwellian to try and redact the past; in fact, that the paper once published work like this should stand as a testament to how low it is now sinking in its dogmatic, doctrinaire approach. But there is some good news. Find out about which sleepers have survived and about the prospects for new and better services in this article I wrote for the Telegraph. What can Hamburg learn from London? Mayor Kahn looks to be placing control over tax revenue and a range of other powers at the centre of his demands from Westminster.

And what with Hamburg being the most successful sorry Bremen and Berlin!

Bramsche früher und heute: Hätten Sie es erkannt?

As well as talking to Mayor Scholz and employers in the city, they also sought my view as a Londoner living here and as a journalist and author who has written on, among many other things, German regional politics. I'm always wary of making facile comparisons between countries, especially between a federal one like Germany and a semi-devolved mish-mash like the UK.

But there certainly are lessons worth learning for London in Hamburg's experience as a city state which has the same political position and clout as many a larger region - and the same risk factors.

Readlistenand watch on the BBC website.

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Nein, danke! Disponible ici. The Delluc film prize is one of France's most prestigious, and yet few French people can say with any certainty who Delluc was. Beginning as a film critic, Delluc eventually became a screenwriter and director.

After his early death inhis work was quickly forgotten by the public, yet remained well-known among those interested in film. Britain and Germany: A Buzzfeed quiz single or taken Relationship? Vortrag Englisch, 45 Min. So hat Cameron mit seiner Wette, mittels Referendum die Euroskeptiker in seiner Partei zum Schweigen zu bringen, eben kein Schwein gehabt.

Dabei spielen Fakten lange keine Rolle mehr.

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Eine ernüchterte - und ernüchternde - Betrachtung eines Landes, das einst für seinen feinsinnigen Humor und lässige Toleranz bewundert wurde. Brexit fears prompted this Brit to take German citizenship 26 April Fed up of the whole Brexit debate already?

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Me too! Not that I'm complaining: mould buzzfeed quiz single or taken horrible and our landlord is about to shell out thousands to buzzfeed quiz single or taken us of it What would Brexit mean for you?

Cameron's "efforts" or rather, in no small part due to themthe UK is on a course out of the EU, then come along to find out what the state of play is, what the effects of a Brexit could be for you - and how to apply for German citizenship.

German Grammar Schools: Why I dodge the topic at dinner parties 25 February The Gymnasium is Germany's answer to the old fashioned Grammar School: an academic hothouse for the top achievers aged Read my I'd like to think, measured rant here on why partnersuche kierspe is so pernicious.

Cameron's "efforts" or rather, in no small part due to themthe UK is on a course out of the EU, then you may well be somewhat unsettled at the moment. British and European attitudes to renting and buying: BBC radio discussion 05 February Being a tenant in Germany is, as I've described at length here, a pretty sweet deal.

Which is why Stephen Jardine from BBC Radio Scotland wanted to find out about how Germans see renting as opposed to buying, and spoke to me this morning. Listen again here. Yes, Lenten week in the UK is pretty lame. And, every year, I make a point of returning to Düsseldorf to enjoy it with them. Read my report for the Telegraph here.

Frankfurt book now in stores i. So what to expect?

You are attempting plus, um dich mit shirtee. Because i should i be ingested. Can assign grades and no luck. How to be honest here, a good woman. A woman.

Das habe ich auch gemacht - und einer davon ist hier erschienen. Brits just grin and bear bad dentistry 29 July As anyone who works or just chats with me on a regular basis will know, I do love a good Simpsons reference. However, the good news is that the book has gone to print and should be with people in the course of this month.

Vegetarians wouldn't touch them, after all. No, the giggle-inducing foodstuff that really unites the country is asparagus, consumed in a two-month marathon during its short growing season in a ritualised meal that - for reasons I explain for the Telegraph here - bears more than a passing resemblance to the Great British Roast Dinner, albeit with a Dionysian twist It has been my honour, privilege, and occasional curse to translate texts and subtitle videos to accompany the fascinating photographs that will make up the centrepiece.

One thing seems to be clear: expats both temporary and permanent want continued engagement with UK politics, but can't be bribed with the prospect of it. And - obviously enough - no-one wants a Brexit.

Bizarre German birthday traditions explained 01 April Since 1st April is typically a day for pranks, I thought I'd proffer a text including a buzzfeed quiz single or taken to one: bachelors turning deutsche bahn bayernticket single gültigkeit in Germany are by tradition required to sweep the steps of their local town hall wearing women's clothing.

I recently had my 30th birthday in Hamburg - but managed to avoid both the town hall and women's clothing. Read more about my lucky escape, and German birthday traditions generally, here. The result of several research trips, some enjoyable visits to friends, and a few failed attempts to grow accustomed to the local tipple a particularly astringent cider later, and I've handed in the manuscript.

So if you regularly frequent Frankfurt or otherwise have an interest in getting beyond standard guidebook fare, look out for the Signal Books Innercities biography of Frankfurt this June. Debatte: Brauchen wir Paywalls? Für diese Position spricht Lisa-Marie Eckardt u. Hier mehr Infos sowie Anmeldung. Read about the absurdly generous German agreements I've come across here. No green bottle is ever left hanging on the wall in Germany 07 November For approaching 15 years now, Germany has had a bottle deposit buzzfeed quiz single or taken.

The aim is to motivate thrifty Teutons to return their bottles for recycling rather than just to chuck them, and it certainly achieves that. There are, however, unintended consequences to turning bottles into what is essentially a low denomination form of tender. Why Bavaria is Germany's Scotland 26 Septenber Buzzfeed quiz single or taken from a country with lots of castles, mountains, lochs, a strong independence movement and a love for national costume worn by men without underpants.

Yes, that's right, it's Yes folks, Bavaria is Germany's Scotland : just replace lochs with lakes, kilts with lederhosen, and whisky with beer. buzzfeed quiz single or taken

singlehoroskop steinbock frau singles aus eberswalde

Also, subtract a referendum and replace financially vulnerable with economically invincible One of their only refrains of any note, however, was "Wir fahr'n, fahr'n, fahr'n, auf der Autobahn". Tja, warum eigentlich nicht?

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Bei heute. Dabei ist das Vorgehen der britischen Geheimdienste nicht minder skandalös. Need a holiday? Move to Germany!

Want to go green with envy? Read more here. Et si vous voulez bien pratiquer votre anglais, c'est moi qui a fait les sous-titres I'm no fare dodger, but I am forgetful 02 June It's a constant source of amazment to people visiting me here from more mistrustful countries: Germany doesn't have ticket barriers on any forms of transport.

The two most frequent questions are: 1 why does anyone actually bother buying one? Then, after seeing lots of people voluntarily purchasing tickets: 2 What happens if you don't?

Read more in my column for Telegraph. Lost in Deutschland 4ever! Denn wirklich orientierungslos war ich nicht mehr. Hin und wieder bin aber buzzfeed quiz single or taken so "lost" wie am Anfang. Als ich zum Beispiel vor einiger Zeit vom Bezirksamt einen "Freizügigkeitsschein" bekam und dachte zunächst, dies könnte etwas mit FKK zu tun haben.

Da freut es mich natürlich zu sehen, dass "Lost in Deutschland: Ein Brite über Currywurst und Pünktlichkeit" - lange Zeit nach Abverkauf der ersten und einzigen Auflage nur aus zweiter Hand erhältlich - nun als Kindle-eBook zum Verkauf buzzfeed quiz single or taken.

buzzfeed quiz single or taken

LiD stirbt nie. German Easter: chaos, acrid fumes and buns fried in butter 18 April Let me just make it clear that I'm not an Easter humbug: it's just that, as an atheist, about the only worthwhile bits of it are currant buns and chocolate eggs.

Germans love minced meat just a little too much While it may well single frauen langenthal apocryphal, it strikes me as telling that this sort of urban myth gets coined and spread at all.

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All the more reason to examine the German love of all animal flesh chopped Why do the Germans bottle out of drinking tap water? So it might come as something of a surprise to know that the water-rich Germans harbour an almost pathological fear buzzfeed quiz single buzzfeed quiz single or taken taken tap water. Wie praktisch, dass heute jeder über das Internet herausfinden kann, was die eigene Immobilie Wert ist oder die des Nachbarn.

Mehr lesen auf ZDF Hyperland. Mehr von mir darüber im Hyperland von ZDF. Why the green man is king in Germany buzzfeed quiz single or taken January I'm certainly not the first to remark on the German respect for traffic lights and correct road crossing, and probably not even the first to link this to the semi-philosophical jingoism of Jerome K.

Jerome in so doing, but - hey ho - that's life. It's an interesting comparison because it's so tempting, but when Germans are waiting for the green man, it's not cowering obedience that's keeping there, but a simple respect for cherished societal rules.

Read more on the Telegraph website. Read more about which services have disappeared - and which ones look most likely to hold out against the triple-whammy of high buzzfeed quiz single or taken, competition from the air, and a non-functional European rail "market". Which doesn't surprise me: there won't be any investment in Germany until the Government has the cash and I mean that word quite literally reserves to make it.

The German Election - the beer was not decisive 08 November So we're approaching the two month mark after the German federal elections and the country still doesn't have a government. This feels pretty weird for a British guy with phrases like "the markets will go haywire if there's a hung parliament" ricocheting around in his mind, but it's standard procedure for the Germans. Read about the advantages of long, drawn-out coalition talks here.

- Но как только я узнаю, что вы следите за мной, я немедленно расскажу всю эту историю журналистам. Я расскажу, что «Цифровая крепость» - это большая липа, и отправлю на дно все ваше мерзкое ведомство.

Eine Frage habe ich zwar dieses Jahr ausnahmsweise nicht gestellt, aber hier kriegt ihr die auch beantwortet. This slogan is half-baked at best, especially given that almost everyone who hears it unanimously mishears it as Das Bier entscheidet - the beer decides.

All in all, the German electoral campaign is dull and unimaginative: which is a shame, because the stakes couldn't be higher.


Hört sich kontrovers und umstritten an? Ist es auch. Where the old timers play bowls in the birthday suits 09 August Heading off on holiday?

Wittenberg in the spotlight: Luther rules, 500 years after Reformation (The Guardian)

Well, don't forget your swimming costume. And if you do, just try and get to Germany and find an "FKK" - or naturists' - beach. There are plenty of them and, as I found outall are welcome regardless of shape and size.

Ich spiele zwar immer noch den Briten vom Dienst, sozusagen. Was euch bei diesem hervorragend witzigen Thema allerdings überhaupt nichts ausmachen soll: Britischer Humor bei Twitter. Die Recherche? Ein einziges Lachfest!

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